What Can you Get from Working with Travel Nurse Staffing Solutions?

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Travel nurse staffing solutions company acts as a bridge for nursing who are looking for a job and medical facilities who need nurses. Staffing solutions simply means filling in medical facilities that lack staff, especially this pandemic season where nurses are in demand. This is a good solution to distribute manpower to hospitals who really need them and pull out nurses in places where there are enough nurses. Many nurses are agreeable to this set up; it will require them to work outside their residences. Destinations  may be to other Cities or other States. 

Steps in Working with Travel Nurse Staffing Solutions Company

Submission of Application

You can directly contact or visit their office to submit your application or some have application submission on their websites. You just have to simply fill in the data needed and click submit, email notification will then be sent for more details or for more information on what to do next.

Submission of Requirements

Basic requirements needed are your credentials such as your registered nurse  license, certificates from previous work and other documents your medical solutions travel agency will be asking. Travel nurses should be able to provide all the necessary papers to make your hiring process faster.  

Getting to Know you Better

Interviews are conducted online where travel nurses and the one in charge of the medical facilities they will be working with are able to talk. This way they can determine if the applicant is capable of doing  the duties of the nurse they are looking for. Recommendation will also be done by the staffing company so you can get higher chances of getting picked by the medical facility. 

Getting Ready to Work 

Once the travel nurse passed the interview and agreed to the terms of the medical facility as well as rules given by the solutions travel nursing company. Their schedule will be set on when she can start working. If the destination is outside her location then she will be booked for travel.

Reasons Why should you Work with a Travel Nurse Staffing Solutions Company 

They have more Access to Jobs

Working with a medical solutions travel nursing company can give you more job  opportunities compared when you are applying on your own.  Getting more job offers means higher chances of getting hired faster. Your Staffing company can also reach out to more medical facilities because they have built relationships with their partners, therefore they can easily process all the necessary documents with their aid. Some States have different requirements, and they can arrange these things for you. 

Pay Are Higher 

Compared with a regular job as a nurse, travel nurses can get paid higher especially if they are assigned to places that have high compensation. Average annual pay is at $88,400 plus other extra pay such as overtime pay and bonuses. This is one reason why nurses choose to work away from home, they can earn more and at the same time travel to other places. 

Medical Staffing Travel Nursing Companies can Give you All year round Assignments 

Job security is not a problem   if you are working with staffing companies, each assignment may be temporary and can only last for weeks. But you don’t need to worry because they can give you another assignment after you finish one. They make it a point to schedule their travel nurses ahead even before their present assignment is done to make sure they can maximize their time while working with them. 

Working with a travel nurse staffing solutions company can make your job hunting easier. Imagine going through all the hardship if you have to apply on your own. Apart from the benefits and higher pay you can get from the jobs   travel nurse staffing solutions companies open, their assistance is a greater advantage since they can increase your chances of getting hired by recommending you to their partners. They can also assist you in creating your profiles and make it more pleasing to the employers eyes. They can coach you on how to process your license if you need it on your destination, and they will serve as your support during each destination. Prepare your papers now and contact your medical staffing solutions travel nursing


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