How to Understand and Overcome Your Anxiety at Work

How to Understand and Overcome Your Anxiety at Work | Manhattan CBT

Work anxiety is when stress caused by work develops into anxiety. When you develop work anxiety it can have severe negative effects. It can impact your work performance which can lead to affecting your organization and colleagues. 

Work anxiety can affect your whole person, from your sleeping patterns, your behavior and even your self- esteem. If you notice that you have stress due to your job you should learn how to understand and overcome your anxiety at work and if you are already facing work anxiety, there is New York individual therapy for depression and anxiety to help you get through it if you are living in NYC.

As you do so, you will begin to see changes in your mood and behavior and have a positive outlook in your work and in your life. Anxiety in your work will lessen and or disappear so that you can have a happy work and life balance. 

How to Deal With Work Anxiety

  1. Communicate with your leader or colleagues

Sometimes the best way to deal with work anxiety is to open up and tell your leader, manager or fellow colleagues. You never know that they may be dealing with the same work anxiety and will actively try to help you get with it.

As you communicate your thoughts and anxiousness you experience in the workplace, they will understand the things that you are going through and perhaps will accommodate you and help make your work experience more manageable.

In a company, the HR department sometimes puts out training and seminars to help combat mental health issues that employees are facing at work. Try to see if the organization has a psychologist or ask for a referral for any great psychologist in your area. 

  1. Get help

If you feel that work anxiety interferes with work and life balance and produces a negative effect on your work performance, get help. There are plenty of amazing therapists and counselors who will help you in your anxiety.

They will help you recognize why you have anxiety and will help guide you set up strategies to combat feelings of self-doubt and other mental health related problems that you have. They are experts in helping many individuals like you, they may prescribe medication or talk you through your inner feelings, and  identify stressors that will help you with your anxiety. 

  1. Manage your anxiety

Anxiety, when not treated, can get rapidly worse. You should learn to manage your anxiety so that it will not manage you. Try to have a better work life balance, take up a new hobby, report and stressors such as bullies or unfair practices at work, and do little things that will take your mind off the anxiety that you face. 

Do not try to follow unhelpful advice that can cause harm to you, also do not try to combat your anxiety with harmful practices like drinking too much caffeine, smoking, and drinking. These can have detrimental effects on your health. 

Instead pick up positive practices like seeing a therapist, eating healthy food ( as they say, a healthy body equals a healthy mind ), sleep early, and try to have a positive outlook in life.

Anxiety at Work When to Quit

It is normal for someone to feel stress at work however, how do you know when enough is enough and you need to quit? Working at a job that causes you constant stress is an alarming sign. There should be a balance at work and not always things that cause you anxiety.

Too much anxiety at work is always not good and this is indication that quitting is the only way to go. However, if you tried to cope with your work stress and have not found any relief yet, then you should try to list what makes you anxious and perhaps find a new job somewhere else. 

What are the signs that you should quit?  If there are toxic and negative practices at work that are never addressed that caused you much grievance and anxiety, unhealthy work practices like demands for overtime, and abuse from managers and colleagues.

It is not you that is at fault for work anxiety, try to find a better job at a different workplace where it promotes a better work and life balance and one where you show great work performance and results and never giving you reason to feel anxious. 

Managing Someone with Anxiety at Work

If you are a manager and are incharge with employees you should always look for signs that they may develop work anxiety. Work anxiety is not good for the employee as that anxiety may be transferred to their outputs and behavior. How can you know if they have anxiety? Try to ask these questions and or observed for:

  • Too much irrational worrying
  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Always nervous
  • Not enough sleep
  • Absenteeism
  • Unfocused in their work

Brenda J. Quinlan

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